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Closing Out…

I’m sharing with you now, the last of my IR frames from Edinburgh, taken during the latter part of November last year. I have to confess that street-shooting is something that I do find extremely difficult so I have always tended to focus on more obvious places or structures situated around them, rather than in them, per se – and in Edinburgh, there is certainly no shortage of buildings, places or objects of interest to keep someone like me happy.  During the course of the three days we enjoyed in the city, only our last day there saw the sun come out for any length of time (after the night of Storm Arwen) and so, pretty much all of my final IR edits came on that day, some two or so hours before we were to head home again. Needless to say, I was a bit like a child in a sweetshop, doing my best to take it all in before we left, revisiting a few spots at a slightly faster pace than normal before heading for the train. So, in closing out, here are my last few infrared captures from this wonderful city. I do hope you will enjoy them.



X: Scotland’s “Folly” / National Monument, Calton Hill | 1/125th – f7.6 – ISO:238 – 28mm

35chronicle.312 (1)

XI:  Moon over Jenners [I] | 1/190th – f7.1 – ISO:200 – 85mm

35chronicle.312 (2)

XII: From Market Street , Across Waverley Station | 1/125th – f7.5 – ISO:456 – 35mm

35chronicle.312 (4)

XIII: Moon over Jenners [II] | 1/125th – f7.1 – ISO:336 – 85mm

35chronicle.312 (3)

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