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“What’s This, Then?!”

Typically, the phrase is meant to refer to something difficult to find or that which may even not exist. I remember as a young boy, my mother saying to me on many occasions when I had been told to go and find a particular something and failing dismally to locate it, “Well, what’s this then? Scotch mist?!” as she’d already put her hand on it, waved it mockingly in front of my face or simply pointed right to it. It was her stock phrase for such things, I suppose, picked up no doubt from her Yorkshire born and bred father. But in remembering what it means, I struggle to figure out on days like this, why it’s used at all, because when that drizzly fog is hanging in the air, it’s everywhere. But it’s not rain. It lightly touches your skin, freshens the lungs and even concentrates sound – you can’t ignore it. When we made a trip to Garlieston Bay at the west of the county just a few weeks ago, there was no escaping it, and it was, truthfully, eerily beautiful. I have seldom absorbed tranquil like it, passed so few people on their coastal walks, or seen polished mirrors of slack water reflect so little colour from the sky. I know though, whenever we head back, there’ll be cloud, rain, or blistering sunshine – maybe I won’t see it like this again; maybe that’s the point? But I would be so glad to see it again – with or without my camera. 

I: Garlieston Bay | 1/45th – f8.0 – ISO:100 – 50mm

35chronicle.313 (1)

II: The Crow | 30″ – f9.0 – ISO:100 – 85mm

35chronicle.313 (2)

III: Tranquillity | 1/40th – f9.0 – ISO:100 – 85mm

35chronicle.313 [3]

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9 thoughts on “The Tranquillity of Scotch Mist | 35Chronicle Photography

    1. Harold, thank you so much! Ironically, I wasn’t sure if liked these too much and nearly didn’t post up. But it seems clicks and comments can’t lie and I’m perhaps ready to step a little further from my usual comfort-zone?! Take care, also, my friend. Catch up with you proper, soon! VB… R🙏📷… and welcome back!! 😉

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    1. Rob, I’m always appreciative of inspiring photography, getting around in the blogosphere to people I admire isn’t always so easy. Happy shooting in the upcoming year! 🌟

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