Portpatrick: A Little More Exposed: PT.I/II | 35Chronicle Photography

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Infrared or Full-Spectrum?

A trip out to Portpatrick on Monday of this week and we were assured of some decent chances of sunshine throughout the middle of the day which sadly, as you’ll now know, did not come. (I really do need to stop relying on BBC’s Weather App!) Nonetheless, though I was hoping for some more chances to shoot a few IR frames here, as the clouds loomed over us and, flatly refused to leave (I did ask nicely, honest!) – I consoled myself instead with some long-exposures with my LTFS converted GXR (still my favourite sensor/lens unit after all these years). The winds were around 40-50mph on top of the cliff so, keeping the camera steady on its three spindly legs was tricky, at best. A good number of shots were ruined that way but, I kept going and was reprieved enough to be able to at least come away with a small handful of captures. It’s all I ever hope for, if I’m truly honest. While the strongest of the sun’s light escaped me today – I remain happy that I managed to leave with a few frames I’d not caught before, from this beautiful little coastal town on this western shore of the peninsula.

I do hope you’ll enjoy them. 


I: 13″ – f14.0 – ISO:200 – 85mm [LTFS + ND1000]

35chronicle.314 (1)

II: 30″ – f12.0 _ ISO:100 – 50mm [LTFS + ND1000]

35chronicle.314 (2)

III: 15″ – f14.0 – ISO:200 – 28mm [LTFS + ND1000]

35chronicle.314 (3)

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4 thoughts on “Portpatrick: A Little More Exposed: PT.I/II | 35Chronicle Photography

    1. Harold, long time! I totally get where you’re coming from… I get so little time now but can’t just step away from the blog. So glad you’re still enjoying some of my work and it’s bally good to hear from you again. I’ll catch up with you on Insta but need to make time to catch up with your posts too. Always food for though!! Speak soon my friend! VB .. Rob 🙏📷

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