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The Vows We Make.

Okay, so it’s been a little while since I have posted here and, if you read my pages regularly, you may know the reason for this, yet another protracted hiatus. Just over a fortnight ago, Bumble and I finally tied the knot and so, all of the planning has come to fruition and, a new stage of life has begun. Except one. My most staunch supporter and friend who has followed me (and my cameras!) absolutely everywhere, the one who has exercised unimaginable patience and, made promises to me a long time before we got married. In fact, I don’t remember the actual words as I do remember her always being by my side. As we stood at the alter, we promised each other those things which every couple should, including, to always take care of each other; and, not ten days after we said it, came an opportunity to prove it! Of course, I am being very tongue-in-cheek here, in case you were wondering?! 

One of the most fun ways in which Bumble takes care of me is by trawling the web for previously unvisited and wonderful places; places that she knows will not only provide us both with a fabulous little jaunt for the day but will also provide me with some photographic subjects that will (she knows me so well!) see me dancing around like an impatient child in a sweetshop, trying to grab everything in sight. As I have said at least once before, she finds ’em and I shoot ’em! And, so it was on this particular day when she had previously come across Galloway House, near Newton Stewart; right on the coast at Garlieston, we excitedly packed the car with all my camera gear and some comestible goodies, and, headed west, (as they say). 

I | 720nm Infrared | 24mm

35chronicle.319 (3)


Galloway House was built in the 1740s for Lord Garlies, Alexander Stewart, who would later become the 6th Earl of Galloway. It is written that Robert Burns was denied entry to Galloway House on the grounds that the Earl did not agree with the poet’s politics, something that Burns would satirise in his poem, ‘Epigrams against the Earl of Galloway’: “What dost thou in that mansion fair, flit Galloway and find some narrow dirty, dungeon cave; the picture of thy mind.” Fair enough, I suppose? But in the Earl’s obituary, I wonder if Burns was a little harsh? “Perhaps there never was a nobleman more deservedly and sincerely regretted by so many distinguished families and connections, and by so many poor people, long employed, and supported by him.”

The house itself has been extended by successive earls and its gardens are open and varied; a true pleasure to walk around despite the often-place unkempt nature of them. Much work still goes on to maintain the grounds for the public who visit, I gather. Galloway House has also been used as a convalescence hospital during WWII and, as a residential school for children from Glasgow (between 1947-1976) with the view that those children would benefit from a more rural education. Since then, the house has had many different owners and, once again it’s on the market. Originally up for £1.5m – it’s now up for grabs for a shade under £600k – a mere snip of its original asking-price. But what a snip it will be for someone. I could have shot here all day, soaking up its romance, its history and of course – its utter beauty; and what’s more, if it hadn’t been for a Bumble – I’d never have known it existed. What a treat!

II | 720nm Infrared | 35mm

35chronicle.319 (1)


I hope you’ll enjoy these first few frames from Galloway House and, I wish you all a very happy Easter. As always, thank you for stopping by my pages. I’m off to the kitchen, after all, I do still have my vows to fulfil! 

… R …
III | 720nm Infrared | 24mm

35chronicle.319 (2)

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    1. Yes, you’re certainly right about two things; I am indeed very fortunate and, yes… she does like beautiful things! 🤣 Really glad you like the shots too, thanks so much, Marc! Have a great day. 🙏📷

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