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“Until the Day Break.”

At just about the start of spring, or – the close of winter (depends, I suppose, as to whether you’re a glass half-full or half-empty kind of person, maybe?) Bumble and I found ourselves heading out towards the coast again, an impromptu, spur-of-the-moment hop in the jalopy to get out for a while. Some sunshine, sea air and, hopefully – a few shots. I’d packed my ‘minimum’ bag – basically, it consists of two of my GXRs with A16s (a standard and, a full-spectrum unit) and EVFs attached, one R72 and an ND1000 – a couple of spare batteries; that’s it. It weighs next to nothing and covers a huge amount of photographic ground, given the way I shoot. As we headed towards Rockliffe from Dalbeattie, dodging pot-holes on a full stomach after a spot of lunch in Kippford, the skies were clearing to reveal some gorgeous blue above, and, a few short-lived clouds, enough to keep them interesting should we stop for a couple of frames, for sure. As we approached the turn-off for Rockliffe, I spotted the clouds right over the small parish church on the corner and thought it might be nice to stop and set up for a few grabs. 

I: “Until the Day Break.” | 15″ – f22.0 – ISO:100 – 28mm [GXR A16 LTFS + R72 & ND1000]

35chronicle.321 (1)


This tiny, beautifully situated and, just as beautifully kept little church kept me amused for almost an hour; not least because even though, visually, the weather was gorgeous, the wind was blowing so much that it actually had my camera toppled over on its tripod twice. Had I not been paying attention during the longer exposures I was making at the time, I’d never have caught it in time to prevent almost certain damage. Still, whilst I had to let go of those particular frames, I am very happy to have come away with some very pleasing captures, almost ghostly after the non-relenting wind and, more pleasurable for me to look at, because of it.

II:  Un-Still | 30″ – f22.0 – ISO:100 – 24mm [Kit: As Frame: I.]

35chronicle.321 (2)


There’s an atmosphere here that, when viewing through alternative, non-visible light, is so eerie that I wonder if next time, I’ll visit with an extra ND in my bag! I hope very much that you’ll enjoy these few captures here, and in my next post. Thank you, as always, for reading and I wish you a fabulous weekend.

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10 thoughts on “A Little More Time: PT.I | 35Chronicle Photography

    1. Thank you so much! During my earlier years, I did indeed concentrate on trees and I do find them fascinating under IR light. In shot no:II I particularly enjoy the movement of the branches towards the centre of the frame, being hustled by the strong wind, and the light that they give off. I didn’t plan for it but sometimes I have a happy accident, so to speak? When shooting trees alone, I found that there has to be an element of interest about it… could be atmospheric drama, leading lines, something unusual or, another complementary subject in the frame to add tone or perspective. I struggled with trees as sole subjects but occasionally, I’ve come away with a few very pleasing shots! Lovely to read your words… thank you so much and have a fabulous weekend! VB.. R🙏📷

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    2. I really am so glad that you enjoyed that one. It took me three attempts to get it and it was so worth it. You mention “Passages” also… you can’t beat a beautiful tree for focal point and depth. It’s lovely when it works so well. Thank you again, so much! Very best .. Rob 🙏📷

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    1. Such lovely words… thank you so much! When I first started out with IR (must be almost 15 years ago) I struggled with subject matter and light, and gave it up as a one-trick pony so to speak; all my frames looked so similar. Flat, lifeless, dull. But it took me a very long time to push myself out of a comfort-zone and take more chances in different settings under different light intensities until eventually, maybe only a few years ago, I finally got what IR was really about. I still get so much pleasure from playing with light and subject, nothing is always certain and those happy surprises are the frames I live for. So, I wish you much experimentation, much boundary-pushing and huge success! If I can offer any help at all do feel free to drop me a line. Thank you again for your comments! VB.. R 🙏📷


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