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Scotland’s Folly [& Other Views].

Back in December, I posted a number of night-shots from around Edinburgh – all taken on the evening before these frames were snagged. Weather-wise, the morning after was miserable, however, I was undeterred. We’d had a wonderful evening celebrating Angela’s birthday the night before and so despite the cloud and the drizzle, our spirits remained perky. Therefore, after breakfast, we walked to Calton Hill, to see what we might see and, here – are just a few of those captures. 

In all honesty, the very last thing we expected to see was an Oriental wedding trio – bride, groom and their photographer, standing right in front of one of Edinburgh’s most famous monuments (the unfinished – known as ‘Scotland’s Folly’) and it would have been completely remiss of me to ignore this almost Vettriano-esque moment, albeit from more of a distance. (I have no idea how the young bride kept her shoes clean for the shoot?) Looking out over the city, too (despite the very poor light) from such a vantage point is a real buzz. In better weather, I could have  spent a good many hours up here; and on another day, I plan to do just that. 

Thank you, as always for reading my pages and I do hope that you’ll enjoy these captures.


I | The Wedding Trio | Ricoh GXR A16 | 35mm – 1/125th – f6.7 – ISO:1234[!]

35chronicle.187 (1)

II | Chimney | Ricoh GXR A16 | 70mm – 1/125th – f6.7 – ISO:703[!]

35chronicle.187 (2)

III | To the Castle | Ricoh GXR A16 | 24mm – 1/125th – f7.1 – ISO:617[!]

35chronicle.187 (3)


… and yes, the ISOs are correct! (Why do you think I love shooting with this thing?!)



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