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The Temple of Cally Woods.

This one was another rare find… and again, I can’t take any credit! What can I say? Bumble finds ’em and I shoot ’em!

In 1779, a landscape gardener by the name of James Ramsay built this beautiful gothic ‘temple’ from which, at the time, fantastic views over Gatehouse and the open parkland of the Cally Estate could be breathtakingly enjoyed. Now, it stands hidden within the Cally Woods, a stone’s throw from the A75 yet, invisible from it. Surprisingly, however, it was found to be a mere two-minutes walk from a side-road – barely visible through the trees until we we almost upon it. Some work had been undertaken in around 2005 to restore this building and this was evident in some very obvious modern materials and techniques used, but its aura matches its era – and offered a very enjoyable half-hour for one particular gent. Oddly, its main facia and entrance to the south is identical to the west face, albeit that the doorway and windows on the west side are bricked up now. It seems a little odd and I wonder if Ramsay had changed his mind while building it or, perhaps, was it altered at some time in its future? One William Todd was a known resident here, for ten years, whilst he was in charge of drove cattle belonging to James Murray. I can’t imagine how cosy this place would have been with the open fire roaring. Of course, it would have had a roof, back then! 

I hope you’ll enjoy these few grabs and, thank you again for reading.


I | To the Trees [Ricoh GR III – VIS] | ISO:1600

35chronicle.258 (1)

II | The South Entrance [Ricoh GR III – VIS] | ISO: 800

35chronicle.258 (2)

III | The West Wall [Ricoh GR III- VIS] | ISO: 640

35chronicle.258 (3)

IV | The South Entrance [Ricoh GXR – LTFS] | ISO: 673[!]

35chronicle.258 (4)

V | Roofless [Ricoh GXR – LTFS] | ISO: 2810[!]
35chronicle.258 (5)
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