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Golden-Hour Reflections: Kirkcudbright Marina.

When I review shots like these, I ignore the question… “why do I come back here, time and again, year on year?” Not only is Kirkcudbright one my most favourite places here in Dumfries & Galloway, but the walk down and along the floating pontoon at the marina always fills me with joy every time I take it, knowing that I’m going to make a few more frames here. Many of these boats seldom seem to leave their moorings; I am certain that over the years, when I have shot here before, not one of these crafts has been missing for any frame I have made and, even when I don’t shoot, I do come back often. And that’s okay by me – when the water is as still as this, the more masts, the better. Of course, though I usually shoot for black and white, you can’t have the golden hour without a little colour… so, here goes! 

Thank you for reading my pages, have a wonderful weekend and I apologise for the protracted hiatus; I do have a valid excuse – as will undoubtedly be revealed in the coming weeks! 

I: 1/240th – f8.0 – ISO:200 – 35mm

35chronicle.318 (1)

II: 1/450th – f8.0 – ISO:400 – 70mm

35chronicle.318 (2)

III: 1/350th – f8.0 – ISO:400 – 200mm

35chronicle.318 (3)

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