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After the pandemic halted our plans for our usual annual pilgrimage to Edinburgh, last year, it was indeed incredible to be back there again just last week. November is a very busy time in our household, not least because of a special anniversary and, two birthdays – both mine and Bumble’s. To celebrate, the beautiful city of Edinburgh has been our chosen special place to head off to – just for a few (rare) days of adult-childishness. Of course, there is always so much going on here in Scotland’s capital and yet, I do always try my very best not to let my own photo-aspirations get in the way of time that is planned to be shared and not exploited, though Bumble does happen to be a very kind and patient camera-widow (my gratitude, she is aware of). Two years ago though, she would not have been quite so tested as the weather was very (awfully) typical for November and, I had had little chance to indulge my passions for infrared shooting around the city (though I was very happy to make a good number of pleasing night shots which I still enjoy on occasion).

I | The Fountain in Princes Street Gardens & Edinburgh Castle, Above | 1/140th – F6.7 – ISO:200 – 35mm – 720nm IR.

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However, last week, despite the storm and the resultant high winds while we were there,  the light was often just perfect – and so, I made the best of it. I think. For certain, any of the frames from this series that I will post up would have been just lovely under visible light, but IR brings about a whole different feeling for me, when I look at them and, still remembering the buzz of the place, the huge crowds of people and the noise – somehow, I still feel the same excitement when I review what I came away with, once we got back. To think that it took me so many years to get the whole point of alternative-wavelength shooting before it really started to fire me up inside, is utterly unthinkable to me now. All the time I am trying to learn how to use infrared light to even better advantages to my shooting – I guess it’s more than just a bug, for me. Just when I think I have made the best IR frames that I ever will, I find frames that please even more.

II | St. Andrew’s & St. George’s Church [1784], George Street, Edinburgh | 1/190th – F8.0 – ISO:200 – 24mm – 720nm IR. 

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Insosaying, I also hope that this series will bring about at least a little pleasure, a feeling of something just a little bit different and, perhaps even a smidgen of inspiration to any of you interested in IR photography. (All frames in this series were made with my trusty Ricoh GXR A16 LTFS conversion (thank you again, Amar!) with a front-mounted R72 and, very gently massaged in LR, for those who may be interested). 

Wishing you all a splendid weekend ahead and, huge thanks for reading.


III | Old Calton Burial Ground, to Calton Hill, Edinburgh | 1/200th – F4.2 – ISO:200 – 35mm – 720nm IR.

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