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Doesn’t it Come Around Quickly?

It is hard to believe that it’s this time of year again, the year almost over, the shortest day has passed and, I’m sitting here at my laptop – pondering over my favourite frames from 2021; a year of lockdowns, socially-distanced days out, home-schooling, trip disappointments and yet gratitude in abundance. A new grandchild has graced us, three weddings are in the offing (Bumble & I included!), health is good and I have been busier than ever. This may explain why my posts this year have been a little more frugal than previous years but, I have so enjoyed every opportunity that I have had to get out and make frames. I’ve learned quite a bit too and, changed a few aspects of my shooting and editing routines which, have pleased me greatly, too. In the coming year I hope to move slightly away from IR shooting – or rather, I want to engage further with more visible-light photography and, to also forge my creative aspirations a little more. How that’s going to work out, I have no ide as yet, but we’ll see how it pans out. My reasoning is simple, I am a staunch enemy of stagnation and whilst infrared light is a huge passion, I’ve been allowing myself to indulge so much that I have been experiencing rather more complacency than I would like. It’s again time for a little shift. Does that mean I am disappointed with my work this year? Not exactly. But there’s more – and I need to dig inside for it. I thought I’d be a natural after all these years, but therein lies the message; one can never stop trying to be better. And I need to shoot more.

As I say at the end of every year (because it’s true) – I am so grateful to each and every one of you for reading and visiting my pages. For all of your clicks and comments, your shares, follows, and other contributions you have made to my pages (hard to believe that it’s been almost four years already!) – I am ridiculously grateful because, without you, there’d be no point and my pages would be little more than an online diary. I am also inspired by so many of you, not that I always get or am able to find the time to let you know in person (that seems to be very selfish on my part and I must and will try harder) and often wonder at the amazing amount of talent that exists, often to share for the simple joy of sharing. I am sure that’s why we all do it and I hope that we can all continue to do so, around the many mayhems of life. So, for one last post of ’21, I would like to share my favourite frames of the year, one shot from each month – in the hope that you too will enjoy this little revisit. 

January 2021 | Flynn: By {Kindle) Fire Light!

35chronicle.253 (2)

February 2021 | Infrared Rainbow: Sandyhills Beach.

35chronicle.255 (2)

March 2021 | Metal Bridge on Disused Portpatrick to Dumfries Line, at Parton [720nm Infrared]

35chronicle.265 (1)

April 2021 | The Caul on the River Nith, Dumfries [720nm Infrared]

35chronicle.267 (1)

May 2021 | Pinmore Viaduct [720nm Infrared]

35chronicle.274 (1)

June 2021 | Boomer: Paper, String or Tin-Foil Will Do Just Fine!

35chronicle.278 (1)

July 2021 | A London Skyline from the Thames [LTFS Full-Spectrum]

35chronicle.286 (1)

August 2021 | Southerness Lighthouse [720nm Infrared]

35chronicle.288 (3)

September 2021 | Turret: Penrhyn Castle, N.Wales [720nm Infrared]

35chronicle.292 (2)

October 2021 | Dunskey Castle, Nr. Portpatrick [720nm Infrared, Long Expo.]

35chronicle.299 (3)

November 2021 | Abbotsford House, Melrose [720nm Infrared]

35chronicle.304 (1)

December 2021 | The Fountain, Princes Street Gardens & Edinburgh Castle [720nm Infrared]

35chronicle.307 (1)


To my family, I am utterly blessed – what more can I say? It’s been a manic yet a wonderful year with a lot of plans either fulfilled or yet to become and, through it all (stop singing, Bumble – I know what you’re doing!) each and every one of you have indulged me as I truly hope I’ve reciprocated. When the world is in the mess it is right now, you are all the one reason I keep to feel the happiness that I do. 

To all of you who read and contribute to my pages (and hopefully enjoy some of my work, too?) – I hope that you have all had a wonderful holiday and, I wish you all the very best for 2022. Thank you so much for sharing and being a part of what I do. 

Warmest wishes to you all…


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