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Following on from my last two posts from Abbotsford House, I feel it’s only right to share some frames of the man himself – insofar as it can be possible given the passage of time. At Abbotsford, a striking bust of Scott stands at the head of the room as one exits his study from where he wrote much of his work. As for the Playmobil character – I have no idea as to why it was even there but felt it humourous enough to simply leave it there. In hindsight, I think I should have moved it away before making that shot – still, I like it enough. But by far my favourite of the two shared here, is this first frame – of Scott and his Deerhound, Maida, both relaxing beneath the Sir Walter Scott Monument on Princes Street, in Edinburgh. That this utterly astounding and beautifully ornate monument happens almost certainly to be my favourite structure to have ever even seen, let alone photographed (yes, you may have seen it feature once or twice in much older posts, here) is no coincidence. In any case, I do hope you’ll enjoy these frames.


I | Scott & Maida Beneath His Monument, Princes Street, Edinburgh | 1/25th – f5.6 – ISO:3200 – 28mm – LTFS Full-Spectrum.

35chronicle.306 (1)

II | Bust of Scott w/Life-size Playmobil Character, Abbotsford House, Melrose | 1/80th – f5.6 – ISO:3200 – 50mm – LTFS Full-Spectrum.

35chronicle.306 (2)

III | The Head of the Room, Abbottsford House | 1/40th – f4.0 – ISO:3200 – 24mm – VIS

35chronicle.306 (3)

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