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As the Days Begin to Lengthen.

This time last year I was preparing my first ever photo-review here at 35Chronicle and, at the time, I could never have professed to have known just what a year 2019 was going to be for me. In every sense of the word it’s been an amazing year, and – a traumatically difficult one for the large part. Suffice to say that if you are a regular reader of my pages, you’ll know a little of what I’ve been up to and, subjected to and – you might also realise that as well as those closest to me who have kept me going throughout the year since spring, my love of all things photographic have been my main non-pulsatile impetus to get back out there and, get better. Better in health, at life, at shooting – just, better; in any way I can.

Despite some difficulties in getting back out there (you try shooting whilst holding on to your crutches while your camera bag is threatening to slide forward under the weight of the gear – with the express intent of taking one of your legs from underneath you!) I have enjoyed many excursions this year. Insosaying, I have done my best to represent each month of 2019 (by date of publishing) with what I feel is the one shot that truly made the cut. My cut. I hope I have done enough.

Of course, the whole reason I am writing any of this is because, well – you are reading it. As such, I need to say a massive thank you to a huge amount of people who have been with me this year and without whom, my 2019 would have turned out rather different and probably not as good. Therefore, to loved ones, to friends, to everyone here on WP, and to everyone who has been of support to me throughout the year, I thank you, from the bottom of my heart. You all know who you are and I forget not one of you.

Please do enjoy this selection of just some of my favourite frames of this year and I hope you’ll join me again in 2020. It’ll be great to see you again. (To H – thank you and please forgive me for my shameless and blatant use of your sign-off. It fits perfectly, expresses my intent to a tee and I truly can’t think of or find a better way to say it. I promise to only use it this once!)

See you on the flip-side, folks!

In Metta.

– Rob –

January 2019 | Moss after Rain.

35chronicle.107 (3)

February 2019 | The Wellspring – Kirkcudbright | 720nm IR.

35chronicle.111 (1)

March 2019 | Thirlstane Arch – Powillimont, Southerness | 720nm IR.

35chronicle.122 (2)

April 2019 | Dundrennan Abbey [AKA: The Day of Two Cakes!]| 720nm IR

35chronicle.134 (1)

May 2019 | Angela.

35chronicle.142 (3)

June 2019 | Gelston Castle | 720nm IR.

35chronicle.149 (2)

July 2019 | River Nith to Greyfriars | 720nm IR.

35chronicle.152 (3)

August 2019 | Angela & her Machines.

35chronicle.159 (1)

[Just After] September 2019 | The Kelpies – Falkirk | Late Dusk.

35chronicle.161 (1)

October 2019 | Light Muse (Sic!)

35chronicle.164 (2)

November 2019 | Edinburgh, from the Castle.

35chronicle.172 (1)


December 2019 | Paisley James – 4 Hours Old.
35chronicle.177 (1)

Happy New Year 2020, to You All!


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2018 Photographic Review | 35:Chronicle

28mm, 35mm, 50mm, black & white, boats, close-up, colour, faux-colour, Indoor, infrared, landscape, macro, nature, personal, photography, review, skies, spring, structures, trees, waterscape

One Hundred to One.

Seeing as how this post happens to be my one hundredth, it’s actually ninety-nine into one . Since I began this blog back in March, I have also enjoyed the works and posts of so many of you and, if there could be more hours in a day, there would be many more besides, too, providing me with no less enjoyable learning, entertainment or, food for thought. I have also, over the last ten months, hoped to provide some interest in the field of photography, my own takes from various genres of our art-form which I feel so passionate about. Without the love for it, the desire to (hopefully) create something a little different on occasion or, the discipline to stay true, it’s all for nothing. Insosaying, I hope with all the passion that I have for various genres of photography, that my sincerity is not only intact but also, perhaps more importantly, unmistakably evident.

As this year now tick-tocks on to draw its last, making way for the next, I would like not only to thank you most sincerely for your input, your comments, clicks, follows and conversations, but to wish every one of you a very happy New Year for 2019. Your presence here is just as important as my own works, because without a reader, a word or a picture – would be pointless. Therefore, if you will forgive my indulgence, I would like to share with you all just some of my favourite frames from this inaugural year on 35:Chronicle.  I truly hope that you will enjoy them.

Wishing you all wonderful celebrations and, much happiness from the coming year.

Warmest regards,


Snowdrops | 35mm.

35Chronicle.001 (31)


Telford Woz ‘Ere! | 720nm Faux-Colour Infrared | 35mm.


Double-Masted | 720nm Infrared | 35mm.

35Chronicle.008 (2)

Bluebell | 35mm.

35Chronicle.012 (2)

Broom | 35mm.

35chronicle.029 (4)

Milkbank House Ruins | 760nm Infrared | 28mm.

35chronicle.042 (4)

Talla Reservoir | 760nm Infrared | 28mm.


Talla’s Monitoring Station | 720nm Infrared | 50mm.

35chronicle.062 (3)

How the Other Half Live | 720nm Infrared | 35mm.

35chronicle.079 (2)

Sir Duncan Rice Library | University of Aberdeen | 28mm.

35chronicle.087 (1)

Moonrise | 720nm Infrared | 85mm.

35chronicle.074 (1)


Grandeur | 35mm.

35chronicle.099 (2)


Happy New Year 2019, to You All!


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